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Activities & Clubs


School Clubs

Student Government - 6th-8th

Yearbook- 8th

Tech Club - 6th-8th

Math Club - 6th-8th

SPARK Club - 6th - 8th (Strengthening Positivity And Reinforcing Kindness)

Choir — 2nd to 8th Grade

Health Sciences Club - 6th-8th

Library Club - 6th-8th

Culture Club  - 5th -8th

Art Club - 6th - 8th

Chess Club - 1st - 5th (with 6th - 8th Volunteers)



Altar Serving - 3rd-8th

Talent Show - All Grades

Music in the Schools (Orchestra in the School/After School)

Theater (Paper Wing/After School)

Zumba Day

Sports Assemblies

Grandparents' Day & Activities

Christmas Performance

PEACEkeeper Day

Monthly Cultural Celebration Themes

Liturgical Celebrations and Traditions