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Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Jeanne Anderson Anderson, Jeanne 5th Grade Teacher ext 232
Jackey Antonian Antonian, Jackey 6-8 Language Arts: Literature, 8th Religion & HR Teacher ext. 238
Nancy Carroll Carroll, Nancy 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 229
Aubrey Chumley Chumley, Aubrey 4th Grade Teacher, VP Lower School ext. 231
Kathy Cleary Cleary, Kathy 3rd Grade Aide & Library Teacher
Becky Craig Craig, Becky 6-8 Language Arts: Writing
Stephanie DaSilva DaSilva, Stephanie 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 228
Maria DiGirolamo DiGirolamo, Maria 1st Grade Teacher ext. 226
Ashley Eisemann Eisemann, Ashley TK-8 PE Teacher & Athletic Director
Armida Emma Goodwin Goodwin, Armida Emma Bookkeeper; Office ext. 247
Stephanie Grammatico Grammatico, Stephanie 2nd Grade Aide & Art Aide ext. 235
Gemma Hayden Hayden, Gemma K2 Kindergarten Teacher & EC Director
Amber Johnson Johnson, Amber TK-8 Music & Theater Teacher ext. 241
Gary Kreeger Kreeger, Gary 6-8 Math Teacher ext. 230
Timothy Krislyn Krislyn, Timothy 6-8 History, 7th Relgion & HR; MS Vice Principal ext. 300
Michelle Lavara Lavara, Michelle Admission, Marketing, and Office Manager 831-375-9736
Kylie LeBlanc LeBlanc, Kylie 4th Grade Aide & Office Assistant 831-402-5793
Jessica LeClere LeClere, Jessica K2 Kindergarten Aide & EC Lead Teacher
Kindra Mancus Mancus, Kindra K-8 Art Teacher ext. 245
Guadalupe Martin Martin, Guadalupe 6-8 Science Teacher and 3-5 Intervention Support
Karen McKenzie McKenzie, Karen Principal ext. 222
Laura Money Money, Laura TK Teacher ext. 246
Paola Passoni Passoni, Paola 1st Grade Aide & EC Teacher
Cindy Rybkowski Rybkowski, Cindy Finance Manager ext. 224
Brenda Santiago Santiago, Brenda K1 Kindergarten Teacher & TK-K Intervention
Allison Searle Searle, Allison TK Teacher 831-375-1324
Elizabeth Sillman Sillman, Elizabeth TK Aide 831-375-1324
Alexa Snow Snow, Alexa K1 Kindergarten & EC Aide 831-809-2613
Sophie Snow Snow, Sophie 5th Grade Aide & EC Teacher
Rev. Victor Ommar Solis Solis, Rev. Victor Ommar Pastor, San Carlos Cathedral
Andrew Swanson Swanson, Andrew K-8 Technology Teacher ext. 237