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Calendar (Key Dates) 2022-2023 School Year

August 2022        
       3rd - First Day of School; Half-Day; E.C. Open       
       4th - Half-Day; E.C. Open       
       5th - Half-Day; E.C. Open       
       11th - Back To School; Half-Day; E.C. Open

September 2022       
       2nd - Half-Day; Grandparents and Special Adults Day; E.C. Open       
       5th - No School; Labor Day       
       19th to 23rd - Parent Conferences; Half-Days; E.C. Open       
       26th - No School; Professional Development Day for Teachers

October 2022       
       3rd to 7th - No School; Fall  Break       
       18th - Half-Day; Benchmark Grading Day; E.C. Open       
       31st - Half-Day; Halloween;  E.C. Open

November 2022       
        3rd - “TK & K: An Inside Look”, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.    
        8th - “Fall Open House for All Grades”, 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.             
        11th - No School; Veteran’s Day       
        23rd to 25th - No School; Thanksgiving Break

December 2022       
       9th - Half-Day NO EXTENDED CARE; Christmas Program       
       16th - Half-Day; NO EXTENDED CARE       
       19th to Jan. 2 - No School; Christmas Break

January 2023       
       2nd - No School; New Year’s Day Holiday Observed       
       3rd - No School; WCEA Teacher Only       
       16th - No School;  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day       
       29th - Catholic Schools Week Begins
       31st - NCSW Open House for All Grades

February 2023       
       2nd - Open House Evening       
       14th - Half Day; Benchmark Grading Day; E.C. Open        
       17th - No School; WCEA Day Teachers Only        
       20th - No School; President’s Day       
       22nd - WCEA Visitation Begins       

March 2023       
       3rd - No School; Teacher In-Service       
       15th - Half Day; Admission Testing Day; E.C. Open        
       20th to 31th - No School; Spring Break

April 2023       
       6th - Half Day;  Holy Thursday, E.C. Open        
       7th to 10th - No School; Holy Week and Easter Monday

May 2023       
       2nd - Half-Day; Teacher Appreciation Day & Luncheon; E.C. Open       
       16th - Half-Day; Benchmark Grading Day; E.C. Open        
       26th - Eighth Grade Graduation Dinner        
       27th - Eighth Grade Graduation Mass        
       29th - No School; Memorial Day

June 2023       
       1st - Half-Day; Cleaning Day; E.C. Open       
       2nd - Half-Day; Last Day of School; NO EXTENDED CARE