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Schoolwide Learning Expectations


We envision our graduates as PEACEkeepers

The students at San Carlos take a daily PEACEkeeper pledge to be kind in thoughts, words, and actions.   San Carlos School is committed to the development of the whole child, as they flourish into faith-filled, virtuous, compassionate, and conscientious stewards who respect all creation.  Graduates of San Carlos school are equipped with an understanding of what it means to be peaceful in efforts to positively impact society.
People of Faith
  • Nurturing a relationship with Christ through prayer, worship, study, and service, while developing a firm understanding of the Catholic Faith 
  • Treating others with respect and compassion
  • Making faith-driven moral choices
Engaged Citizens
  • Making a positive difference in the world through acts of social justice and inclusion
  • Acting with integrity, accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline
  • Protecting and consciously caring for God’s creation 
Academically prepared, Life-Long Learners
  • Valuing, participating in, and taking ownership of learning
  • Developing effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills 
  • Using technology appropriately for learning, creating, critical thinking and communicating
Creative Problem Solvers
  • Demonstrating curiosity, confidence, innovation, and resilience
  • Seeking and interpreting information to find solutions
  • Working collaboratively and independently to address challenges
Enlightened Individuals Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Possessing tools to support mental health, a positive self-image, and a sense of purpose
  • Understanding and practicing the fundamentals of good nutrition, sleep habits, and exercise
  • Celebrating and participating in visual, musical, cultural, and performing arts     
Gym Equipment