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Tuition Rates and Financial Policies


Tuition payments are made through F.A.C.T.S. Tuition Management. Tuition can be paid in full, by semester, or monthly (Aug – May).


Returning Families:  An enrollment link for the following year is sent to all current families in February.  

Incoming families:   An enrollment link for the following year is sent to all incoming and waitlisted families once admissions screenings are complete and offers of enrollment have been accepted.  Due to the rolling nature of admissions, new families are given two weeks from the date of their acceptance letters to complete the registration process. 

Enrollment Fee

A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $250.00 is required for each child and paid with enrollment in March. This fee covers administrative costs, not supplies.

General/Building Fee

A non-refundable General/Building Fee of $450.00 is also required per child and will be billed to FACTS accounts on file by June 1st.   The General/Building Fee covers:

  • Student insurance
  • Diocesan assessments
  • Textbook rental and consumable workbooks
  • Online curriculum fees and student periodicals
  • Technology (including 1:1 campus devices in all classrooms) 
  • Special assembly presenations
  • Campus upgrades
  • Turf field maintenance
  • Dove Gymnasium & Event Center maintenance
  • Rental of equipment for large school events


Tuition may be paid in a single payment, in two semester payments, or in ten monthly installments through FACTS Tuition Management. All San Carlos School families must enroll with FACTS.

1 Child – Transitional Kindergarten $6,377  ($637.70 per month)
1 Child – Kindergarten - Eighth Grade $7,095 ($709.50 per month)
2 Child – Kindergarten - Eighth Grade $13,529  ($13529 per month)
3 Child – Kindergarten - Eighth Grade $18,748  ($1,874.80 per month)
4 Child – Kindergarten - Eighth Grade $24,199  ($2,419.90 per month)

*For multi-student families with a Kindergarten student, these tuition prices include Extended Care from 2:00 - 3:00 pm to coordinate pick-up times.

Tuition Assistance

Limited Tuition Assistance is available. Once a student has been offered enrollment and is registered for the school year, the family may apply for tuition assistance online through their FACTS Family Portal.  Tuitions Assistance is only available for enrolled students. The Financial Aid Committee receives and reviews the information provided by FACTS. Families receiving grants will be notified by the school.  

Commitment of Time and Talent

Each family will make a commitment of Time & Talent (volunteer hours) towards the success of school activities and events. A minimum of five hours of service per month or fifty hours per year is required. Families may pay the sum of $1,250.00 by August 9, 2023 if they prefer to be relieved of this commitment of Time and Talent. The fee for incomplete Time & Talent hours is $25.00/hr.

According to the California Education Code and the Diocese of Monterey Policy, all volunteers having contact with minor students are required to complete the Safe Environment for Children Program in order to perform volunteer work at the school.  

Refund Policy

San Carlos School plans carefully to ensure full enrollment in order to provide our parents with tuition that remains affordable. Projected enrollment based on registration/enrollment in the Spring is used to create the school budget for the following year.

A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $300.00 and a $450.00 General/Building Fee per child are required along with the signed school contract completed through the FACTS Family Portal to complete registration.

Families that leave during the semester are required to continue to pay tuition until the end of that semester. This policy pertains to students who withdraw voluntarily as well as students who are asked to leave the school.

It is the policy of San Carlos School that tuition cannot be reimbursed for the semester in which a family leaves school. If a family has paid tuition for the entire year, the school will only reimburse the tuition for the upcoming semester. 

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